CW Posnett

The man behind this Church


This devoted servant of God arrived by S.S. Golconda from Madras in 1895, but would not stay there a moment longer than he felt necessary, for his thoughts were all about Medak in the Hyderabad District. F.C.S. Writes: "In 1896 C.W. Posnett arrived in Madras, laden with a consignment of medical stores. It was a characteristic and significant debut of a young missionary, who was destined to leave a deep impression not only upon Hyderabad, but Indian Missions generally. He was no doctor, but a man of vision and purpose, hence the medical stores".

He was appointed to Medak at the synod in 1896 and arrived with his elder sister Miss. Emile Posnett and her inseparable companion, Miss Sally A. Harris, to join him in work. In those days there was no railway in the direction of Medak, the journey of sixty miles had to be done on horseback and Mr. Posnett did it in a day. When he first came to Medak there was a small tiled house as the place of Worship. Mr. Posnett, before long, raised on that very place a structure not very large, but enough for the Christian community within the Mission Compound, in the traditional shape of the Church, which he felt was worthy of the Worship of his Lord Jesus Christ. Very soon this building also proved inadequate and had to be extended by the addition of a raised platform, which accommodated the Missionaries and their families and also a few elderly nationals, the elite, who are mostly Mission workers.

By 1914 the Medical, Educational, and Theological Training. Institutions so developed in numbers, that Mr. Posnett felt constrained to put into action the Word of .God as it is found in Isaiah:"Enlarge the place of your tent and let the curtains of your habitation be stretched out hold not, lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes. For you will spread abroad to the right and to the left, and your descendants will,possess the nations and will people the desolate cities". What was called the Church, now known as the Hospital Chapel, was becoming too crowded for the growing congregations, so that. Mr. Posnett caught the vision of a large, imposing construction, which can worthily be called a Church for the Worship of Lord Jesus Christ his Savior, for whom all his pent-up feelings were expressed in the song which he often loved to sing:

"My Saviour! how shall I proclaim, How pay the mighty debt I owe? Let all I have, and all I am, Ceaseless to all Thy glory show".

Urged by then prophetic call and in obedience to the Vision, Mr. Posnett got the foundations for the Church dug at the beginning of 1914, and the building - works continued for ten years, during which period, almost every Circuit in the then Hyderabad District made a regular monthly contribution towards the construction of what they called the "New Church". The workers also made their monthly contribution on the Pay Sheet all those years the church was under construction. Mr. Posnett was most anxious to see that the poor village Christians and the Indian church workers felt that it was their church, towards which they had made their contributions, however small it was.

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