Medak Cathedral

First Bishop

RT. REV. FRANK WHITTAKER, M.A. (1947-1961)

Frank Whittaker was born in London on December, 14, 1894. He had his education in Bolton. Later he joined St. John College in 1913. But due to the 1st World War he had to discontinue his studies. and join the YMCA service in the army. After this time he visited India and did a work of Laisoning in Bangalore and Calcutta. he won the love of many in India. That compelled him to offer himself as a Missionary to India. In London to the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society. He had his theological training by passing the M.A. Degree course in the University. Instead of offering himself as a Professor in any Theological Institution, drawn by the magnetic personality of Rev. C.W. Posnett he came to Medak in 1923. Many of the Bishops as well as leading Indian Presbyters were his diciples. In 1938 he became the Secretary of the National Christian Council (NCC). This give him a great recognition among the many Protestant Churches in India. He was also an authority in Adult Education Schemes, In 1943, he succeeded Rev. Posnett as the Chairman of the Methodist District. In 1925 he married Miss Constance Snowdon who was a great doctor. She became his able assistant in all his theological, pastoral as well as women's work. In her death the Diocese has lost a Deborah - Mother in Israel. Rev. Frank Whittaker was ordained as the first Bishop in Medak on September 27. 1947. In 1950 he was the Deputy Moderator of CSI. In Febraury 1960 he retired as a Bishop and joined the Dornakal Andhra Union Theological college. Unfortunarely due to his ill-health he died on December 10, 1961 in Dornakal where we can find his grave next to Rt. Rev. Azariah.

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