Medak Cathedral

Fifth Bishop


When bishop Prasada Rao retired Bishop Victor Premasagar was elected as his successor. he is the son of Sri Peddi Ratnam of Sarjana, Medak, must be proud that one of her sons become a Bishop. He was the Principal of Andhra Christian Theological college as well as the visiting Professor of USA and Australia where his services are recognized and appreciated. He has been chosen as the Deputy Moderator of CSI in 1986 and its Moderator in January 1988. He has served many Christian organizations as well as the world Council of Churches. He is the brain behind establishing VELCOM - Vison Equipping Local Congregations in Organization Missions. We have a legacy of short-comings in the diocese. When the foreign support for ministry and evangelism ceased a death blow was given to the care of the village congregations since a great number of our evangelists retired or were made to retire. Due to the rise of rising cost of living and prices in the markets, the salaries of our presbyters had to be increased by 60% and later on by a further enhancement of 30% of their salaries. He saw that the real care taken of the village congregation is the evangelist who in reality is its Pastor. He tried to revive the Medak Evangelistic Training School in Medak by raising 3% contribution. As a result 45 evangelists were sent to remote villages. Besides raising the Junior Colleges as degree colleges, one for men and other for women he explored the possibilities of getting some foreign aids for socio-economic and commercial projects. One can only understand his great financial burden. As an intellect he has seen the priorities, evaluations and achievements in the Diocese of Medak. he has submitted a report of the same to the Synod. But all this needs the giving of each pastorate 75% of their income expenditure of the pastorate. Unfortunately only few pastorates seem to have responded to this call of his.

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