Medak Cathedral

Church of South India

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RT. Rev. Dr. AC. Solomon Raj

Bishop Medak Diocese

Church of South India

Medak Cathedral

Rev. Charles Walker Posnett was the architect of Medak. His slogan was "My best for my God" and that he demonstrated by constructing this beautiful edifice The Cathedral' which stands to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Presbyter-In-Charge - Medak Cathedral

Message for the Month

I've heard many "calls" for revival recently but with very little teaching and exposition on revival. It seems that in these urgent days there are too few leaders who actually are leading God's people corporately to repent, pray, seek holiness and return to God.

Do we not realize that scripturally it is impossible to have a call for revival without a call for repentance? This has always been God's requirement for His people. The passionate, unceasing corporate prayer that is always present in revival is desperately lacking as well. In short, I see little evidence of sincere brokenness among God's people for our present condition or the condition of our nation.

We call for revival without actually crying with tears and brokenness for revival. The "call for revival" seems almost like a spiritual fad, with no true passion and sincerity of heart. Many will say "amen" when they hear mention of the need for revival. But the "call" is fleeting and soon passes away. And then we quickly move on to other activity and return to our business as usual with no follow-through by the leaders of God's people.

Medak Cathedral

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Psalm 84:10

Better is one day in your courts

than a thousand elsewhere;

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